President Xi Jinping to Establish a Central Reform Leading Group in Order to Modernize China’s Governance

Upon closing of the 3rd plenary session of the Chinese Communist Party, Chairman Xi Jinping announced the government’s intent to establish a specialized high-level group called the Central Reform Leading Group which will design and coordinate the country’s ‘great revolution’ of reform and opening-up. It is anticipated that the group will be at a higher level than the current economic reform department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and will probably be positioned at the same level as the Central Finance and Economy Leading Group. Part of the new group’s duties, apart from economic reform, is to plan and carry out reform on modernizing the country’s governance system and governance capability. In order to promote the reform, the group will report directly to the top leadership giving it the ability to push policies past a bureaucracy reluctant to change and will also help President Xi Jinping to exercise tighter control. Will need to wait and see the specific regulations that will govern this new governmental body and its practical implementation.


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