Huawei Wins Suit Against Motorola

by Amit Ben-Yehoshua and Steve David Salem

China’s Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. announced on the 23rd February that it had been granted an injunction by a local US court in Illinois prohibiting Motorola from selling any confidential data belonging to Huawei to Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN).

The result of the lawsuit, filed against Motorola and NSN, requires the two defendants to take ‘all necessary steps’ to ensure that Motorola does not transfer nor NSN acquire any confidential information belonging to Huawei as a result of any acquisition that may take place by NSN of records or assets belonging to Motorola. Furthermore, Motorola was bound to appoint a third party to inspect the removal of all of Huawei’s confidential information, allowing Huawei to conduct a final inspection of any information received by Motorola.

Huawei initially commenced legal proceedings against Motorola on January 24th earlier this year, hoping to prevent the $1.2 billion sale of Motorola’s networks business to NSN. In essence, a spokesman for Huawei speaking from its headquarters in Shenzhen remarked that since extensive cooperation’s between the company and Motorola from 2000, the latter possessed a wealth of its intellectual property. Thus, ‘if the intellectual property (owned by) Huawei were transferred, the company would suffer huge losses,’ according to the spokesman.

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